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HILABS, Haq Innovation Laboratories, developed ABBy the rechargeable zinc battery. There is no directly comparable competitor product to this one. HILABS sees itself as a constant optimizer and developer of innovative solutions. ABBy is the flagship, which is perceived by experts as a potential game changer.

Our mission

  • Fight against climate change and for decarbonization.
  • With the product ABBy, we will reduce electricity storage costs up to 1/3, so everyone will be able to afford battery storage in the future!
  • We offer an inexpensive, safe and environmentally friendly battery for everyone, a battery that is truly suitable for the mass market.
  • This enables every citizen to store and use his or her self-generated solar and wind power to the maximum with a small financial investment - and thus contribute to the energy transition.

The technological breakthrough

Through a special coating and the geometrical arrangement of the electrode, as well as the liquid anode “Electric-Liquid”, we have succeeded in developing a rechargeable zinc battery “ABBy”. A patented technology inspired from the aerospace industry.

The product ABBy

ABBy is a battery cell in prismatic form. With this it is possible to build battery systems of different sizes in a modular design. PV home storage systems in the kW range can be built or industrial storage systems with several 100kW or storage systems in the MW range for peak load compensation.

Our customers, our market

Our market is the stationary storage market. HILABS will manufacture ABBy battery cells itself, while IP-non-critical components will be manufactured by suppliers. Our customers are battery system manufacturers who use ABBy battery cells to manufacture storage systems for households, industry or buffer storage for charging stations.


HILABS is alumni of energy accelerator AXEL


HILABS is funded by “Start-up BW Pre-Seed”

of state Baden-Württemberg


HILABS was awarded with the first price of the foundation “Energy & Climate Protection”