The HILABS energy storage system ABBY is hallmarked by the key features:

  • High energy density

  • High cost efficiency

  • Extreme safe technology: non toxic, non flammable and non explosive

  • ECO-friendly

  • Promoting green energy, by making it available at day & night.

  • High WELL-To-Tank efficiency


is a suitable solution for local household installations.


satisfy energy demands at medium industrial scale. It is fully operational, installed in sea vessels e.g. 40 feet container ship, or on land installations e.g. near a wind turbine with a 7,5MW power. ABBY-MEGA store the electrical energy on availability, and deliver full load at immediate demand e.g. supply of 22.5MWh at the 3 hours period of grid load. Thus ABBY-MEGA is a realistic and price competitive solution for grid stabilization.


is a scaling of ABBY-MEGA, conceptualized for buffering solutions, to prevent grid over load. E.g. battery charging of mobile electrical vehicles is not foreseeable, the irregular and unpredictable request of current peaks could easily overload the grid. Thus the solutions is: The ABBY-MEGA grid buffering station.